Horse Handler Certification Program

Bonnie J. is "excited to learn how to pivot the horse and other techniques. I love Dani's clear communication in her videos and the reference points she uses to identify a 20 and 10 meter circle."  

Mary M. views "the horse handler certification program to be a super helpful way for me to learn more about the horse, grooming, handling and leading so that I am more comfortable actually doing these things.  Hopefully by summer I’ll be certified as an unmounted horse handler!" 


Each level of our New Horse Handler Certification Program will expose you to different components of horsemanship and equestrian sport which we believe will be valuable for your own knowledge and engagement in any horse handling experience you may have at Hope Haven or elsewhere.

There are 4 different Certifications at no cost that you can work on through home study, horse handling time while in your pod & supported by ongoing Specialized Clinics hosted by Emma.

Unmounted Horse Leader
Mounted Horse Leader - Level 1
Mounted Horse Leader - Level 2

Unmounted Leader Certification 

Sidewalker Certification

Mounted Horse Leader Level 1 Certification

Mounted Horse Leader Level 2 Certification

We hope you will enjoy mastering each level! If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at


545747 Sideroad 4A, RR #2
Markdale, ON N0C 1H0

(t) 519-986-1247


Located on Sideroad 4a between
7th Line and 9th Line.

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Benoit Dube - Executive Director

Kim Reain - Development Officer

Robyn Allen - Program Manager & Physiotherapist

Michelle Lemire - Volunteer Coordinator

Emma Houser - Program Administrator & Instructor (PATH Int. CTRI, EC Instructor of Beginners)

Danielle Rose - Equine Manager & Instructor (PATH Int. CTRI, EC Competition Coach)

Gillian MacNeill - Instructor (CanTRA CTRII, PATH Int. CTRI)

Shannon Speer - Recreational Therapist & Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach

Gretel Stanish - Instructor (Path Int. CTRI, EAPDC)

Alexis Murray - Instructor (EC Instructor of Beginners in Training)

Laikyn West - Property Manager