Volunteer Resources Continue your training and expand your learning by accessing our many resources created just for you!

Volunteer Manual

The Hope Haven Volunteer Manual is your most important resource when training to be one of our volunteers. We ask that ALL volunteers review this manual at least a couple of times a year as procedures are often modified.

Horse Herd Bios

The second most important resource for our volunteers is our Horse Herd Bio Module. For most volunteers, these 4 legged magicians are going to be an integral part of what your duties entail, so it's important that you get to know your new partners!

Once you have reviewed the module, take a chance at our Horse Herd QUIZ!

Training Videos Continuously keep your skills and procedures up to date with these learning videos.

Infection Control Procedures Learn our procedures to help protect our participants, their families, our volunteers and staff.

Horsemasters Test your tack and horse parts knowledge! Click on the link below to view the learning module of the level you are working on. When you think you are ready, challenge the quiz for that same level!