Summer Showcase 2021

This is the second year for our virtual Summer Showcase. This end of summer competition was created to challenge our wide range of participants to a fun and confidence building in-house competition. We had an amazing 54 participants join our event, 20 of them participating from our Hope Haven Pegasus team in our Special Olympics division.

Thank you to all who have helped to make this virtual event a success. Enjoy all of your fellow athlete's videos as you browse through the results. Congratulations to all participants, volunteers and coaches, your hard work has paid off.

Competition Judges

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our volunteer judges who viewed a huge number of videos and were able to produce our placings. Thank you for your generous time helping to make our Summer Showcase 2021 a success!

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Shelley Brown


Jeanne Mervyn


Barb Sheperd


Margaret Knuff

Uxbridge Super Camp 2018-1337

Barb King


Sarah Gray


When challenging a level of Horsemasters, a perfect score must be achieved in order to obtain a certificate and move onto the next level. All participants did an amazing job and will receive a participant ribbon or your full certificate! Here are the certificate recipients for this competition:

Anthony Goldsmith
Molly Harrington
Tara MacDonald
Ava Rowe
Jenai Sukhdeo
Janu Sukhdeo
Logan Sumner

Hadley Boriss

The athlete's ability to handle/lead the horse from the ground performing 6 required elements or obstacles in whatever pattern the athlete chooses. Can have music and costume for an added artistic element.

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - SO, #86, Beth Nykalyk
2nd Place - SO, #53, Karlie Hill

Open Division
1st Place, #82, Julie Lowe
2nd Place, #83, Olivia MacDonald

The athlete's ability to handle and show the horse from the ground, with safety as the main consideration. The athlete will be asked by the judge to complete some key elements including a horse inspection. Preparation of the horse and presentation of the team are key components.

Open Division
1st Place, #45, Alexandra Richardson

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - SO, #42, Brogan Lackey

Open Division
1st Place, #69, Isaac Clark
2nd Place, #40, Hartley Black