Spring Invitational 2023 - Results

Hope Haven's Spring and Fall Invitationals are a great way to challenge your skills, set specific goals and show others what your sport looks like.  We had an amazing 28 external entries join our competition representing 5 other equestrian centres across the country. Thank you to all coaches, riders and judges for helping to make this invitational a success!

Competition Judges

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our outstanding volunteer judges who viewed a huge number of videos and were able to produce our placings. Thank you for your generous time helping to make our Spring Invitational 2023 a success!


Tracy Dopko
(Equitation Judge)
-Equestrian Canada Senior Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge
-United States Equestrian Federation R Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge

Aragorn 2020 5

Jennifer West
(Prix Caprilli Judge)

- USDF Bronze Medalist and Judging Program L Candidate, western dressage and dressage
-General Manager of the PATH International Premier Accredited Bakas Equestrian Center in Tampa, Florida
-Co-host of the State Special Olympics Equestrian Championships
-Dressage competitor, 4th level and Prix St. George



Barb Sheperd
(Working Trail Judge)
-Horse owner
-Seasoned trail rider



When challenging a level of Horsemasters, a perfect score must be achieved in order to obtain a certificate and move onto the next level. Here are the certificate recipients for this competition:

Austin Black
Louella Morris
Karson McCausland-Newman
Jacklin Madill
Caitlin Cooke
Lynda Attewell

Charlotte Gauthier-Shaw
Charlie Yeats
Sophie Yeats
Ashleigh Schagena
Bentley Elliott
Brogan Lackey
Mikayla Phelps

Tara MacDonald
Elise Gauthier-Shaw
Cierra Ward

Kelly Smithson
Alexandra Richardson
Robin Wren
Mackenzie Beckett
Jocelyn Specht

Working Trail BI

Special Olympics
1st - B. Elliott

Open Division
1st - K. McCausland-Newman

Working Trail CI

Special Olympics Division
1st   - B. Lackey
2nd  - S. Dieter

Open Division
1st - L. Brennan
2nd - K. Cooke

Working Trail UNMOUNTED

Open Division
1st - C. Hawkins