Saddle Up For Success

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Saddle Up For Success is our research based school program developed for elementary and high school students with emotional, cognitive and/or physical challenges. Adaptive riding provides these students with the opportunity to develop stronger self-confidence, self regulation and coping skills so they can better deal with anxiety, anger, fear, frustration or lack of attention.

What is the format of this program?

In partnership with area schools, groups of up to 8 children are identified by teachers or parents who could benefit from adaptive riding. Frequency of the program is 1 morning a week for a minimum of 4 weeks. Students are provided with a 1 hour adaptive riding lesson or horsemanship (if unable or unwilling to ride), plus a 1 hour alternate activity such as hiking/snowshoeing, scavenger hunts, therapeutic yoga and meditation, creative art and rhythmic drumming. Alternate activities are tailored towards your group's ages, abilities and needs. They are also chosen with the same goals in mind that the adaptive riding lessons aim to achieve which is the opportunity for success!

Here is a sample of a 4 week Saddle Up For Success agenda:

  • Week 1 – 1 Hour adaptive riding lesson + 1 Hour Horsemanship - introduction to horse tack and grooming.
  • Week 2 – 1 Hour adaptive riding lesson + 1 Hour Yoga session with a certified instructor.
  • Week 3 – 1 Hour adaptive riding lesson + 1 Hour Horsemanship - expanding on horse care and horse communication.
  • Week 4 – 1 Hour adaptive riding lesson + 1 Hour creative art session.

How do we register?

Please contact our office to speak with our Program Development Manager. Robyn will be able to answer any questions and guide you through your first application process. Well before the program starts we need to have all participants complete a Participant Application as well as a Professional Referral Form. These can be filled out directly on our website or can also be downloaded and printed. Click here to take you to the applications page.

What is the cost?

A huge thank you to the Eva LeFlar Foundation as well as the Norman and Marian Robertson Foundation for sponsoring ALL participants for 2018 and 2019!! That means all the school groups need to take care of is their transportation!

For more information, please call 519-986-1247 and ask for Robyn, or email

Saddle Up For Success