Adaptive Programs

All of our adaptive programming considers the unique needs, abilities and learning styles of each individual when developing goals and lesson plans. Whether it be riding, horsemanship or carriage driving, all adaptive programs have skill-based goals however inherently contribute positively to the physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being of children and adults living with challenges. Unique to Hope Haven, our in house physiotherapist continuously collaborates with our CanTRA instructors to help maximize participant's therapeutic needs, safety and achievement of goals. 

What does the research show?

Research demonstrates that adaptive riding and horsemanship programs provide challenged individuals the opportunity to develop stronger self-confidence, self-regulation and coping skills to better manage anxiety, anger, frustration and/or lack of attention.

Research also shows that the horse’s unique multi-dimensional movement of it’s spine and pelvis "lends" itself to our riders. By manipulating the horse's movement characteristics and patterns we can directly influence our client's active movements necessary to achieve their specific goals.

Therapy Programs

Our Therapy Programs differ from our Adaptive Programs in their goal setting and who is guiding the session. In therapy, the goals are functionally based targeting physical, cognitive and emotional outcomes versus riding and horsemanship skill-based in adaptive programming. Therapy programs are part of a therapeutic treatment plan under the guidance of a regulated health professional.

Other Programs

At Hope Haven we offer other forms of group and individual programming such as summer camp and school programs for children with challenges. We also host seminars and Equine Facilitated Wellness courses throughout the year. 

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Benoit Dube, Executive Director

Barb Sheperd, Development Officer

Robyn Allen, Program Manager

Holly Stiene, Volunteer Coordinator

Ann-Ida Beck, CanTRA Senior Instructor (CTRSI)

Gillian MacNeill, Horse Trainer