Fall Invitational 2021 - Results

This is the first video competition Hope Haven has opened up to other equestrian centres across Canada.  We had an amazing 31 external entries join our competition representing 5 other equestrian centres across the country. Thank you to all coaches, riders and judges for helping to make this trial invitational a success!

Competition Judges

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our outstanding volunteer judges who viewed a huge number of videos and were able to produce our placings. Thank you for your generous time helping to make our Fall Invitational 2021 a success!

JM pic

John MacPherson - Freestyle Dressage Judge
-Certified High Performance Coach
-Senior Level dressage judge
-Level 3 three day eventing judge
-Braeburn Farms Head Trainer & Coach

JR pic

Justin Ridgewell - Freestyle Dressage Judge
-Grand Prix Dressage Competitor
-EC Medium Dressage Judge
-Braeburn Farms Manager & Trainer



Emma Houser - Gymkhana Judge
-EC Instructor
-Equine Management Degree
-Horse Owner


Jeanne Mervyn - Equitation Jumping Judge
-CEF Coaching Level 2
-Jumper specialty
-Crystalbrooke Farm - Owner, Trainer, Coach


Uxbridge Super Camp 2018-1337

Barb King - Equitation Jumping Judge
-Special Olympics Coach
-Natural Horsemanship student
-Horse Owner




Margaret Knuff -
Freestyle Horsemanship &
Showmanship Judge
-Dressage Competitor
-CanTRA Instructor Training
-Horse Owner



When challenging a level of Horsemasters, a perfect score must be achieved in order to obtain a certificate and move onto the next level. Here are the certificate recipients for this competition:

T. Black
B. B.
C. Cooke
K. Cooke
S. Dieter
I. Fraser
C. G-S.
J. Hall
I. Harrington
C. Reid-Angel
L. S.
R. Wren

H. B.
L. Brennan
D. Hall
L. H.
M. H.
J. Lowe
O. MacDonald
L. R.
E. Rocque
J. Specht

H. Black
K. Hill
A. Richardson

Freestyle Horsemanship

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - B. Nykalyk, Fred

Open Division
1st Place - C. Hawkins, Princess

Freestyle Dressage CS

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - AS, Gaben (71.38%)

Gymkhana CS

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - J. Marshall, Gigi - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - L. Morris, Gaben - Barrels + Poles
3rd Place - G. Dakin, Kit - Barrels + Poles
4th Place - J. Giuga, Gigi - Barrels + Poles
5th Place - JT. Pietramala, Arwen - Barrels + Poles
6th Place - S. Takahashi, Gigi - Barrels + Poles

Open Division
1st Place - C. G., George - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - T. Edgington, Taylor - Barrels + Poles
3rd Place - J. Radmore, Taylor - Barrels + Poles
4th Place - H. Radmore, George - Barrels + Poles
5th Place - A. Watke, Abby - Barrels + Poles
6th Place - N. Berge, Arwen - Barrels + Poles

T. Black, Abe - Barrels + Poles
M. Irving, Misty - Barrels + Poles
E. Schieck, Gigi - Barrels + Poles
P. M-H, Arwen - Barrels + Poles
B. Thompson, Abe - Barrels + Poles

Gymkhana CI

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - D. Hall, Kit - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - J. Hall, Kit - Barrels + Poles
3rd Place - M. Mannetje, Kit - Barrels + Poles

Open Division
1st Place - B. Elliott, Black Beauty - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - C. Reid-Angel, Bob - Barrels + Poles
3rd Place - J. Bristow, Lily - Barrels + Poles
4th Place - C. G-S., Taylor - Barrels + Poles
5th Place - A. Richardson, Solo - Barrels + Poles
6th Place - T. MacDonald, Gaben - Barrels + Poles

L. S., Gigi - Barrels + Poles
I. Clark, Bob - Barrels + Poles
O. R., Arwen - Barrels + Poles
T. Bitten, Kit - Barrels + Poles

Gymkhana BS

Open Division
1st Place - J. Jackson, Firefly - Barrels + Poles

Gymkhana BI

Special Olympics Division
1st Place - S. Dieter, Solo - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - B. Lackey, Lily - Barrels + Poles

Open Division
1st Place - I. Lowe, Zar - Barrels + Poles
2nd Place - B. Wilkie, Lena - Barrels + Poles
3rd Place - A. Abell, Abby - Barrels + Poles
4th Place - H. Hyde, Nos - Barrels + Poles
5th Place - H. B., Lily - Barrels + Poles
6th Place - J. Manson, Tucker - Barrels + Poles

B. B., George - Barrels + Poles
J. Lowe, Solo - Barrels + Poles
L. H., Arwen - Barrels + Poles
N. Bitten, Solo - Barrels + Poles
M. H., Lily - Barrels + Poles
O. MacDonald, Abe - Barrels + Poles
H. Black, Arwen - Barrels + Poles