Fall Invitational 2023 - Results

Hope Haven's Fall Invitational results are now live! We had an amazing 30 external entries join our competition representing 5 other equestrian centres across the country. Thank you to all coaches, riders and judges for helping to make this competition a success!

Competition Judges

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our outstanding volunteer judges who viewed a huge number of videos and were able to produce our placings. Thank you for your generous time helping to make our Fall Invitational 2023 a success!

Aragorn 2020 5

Jennifer West
(Freestyle Dressage Judge)

- USDF Bronze Medalist and Judging Program L Graduate, western dressage and dressage
-General Manager of the PATH International Premier Accredited Bakas Equestrian Center in Tampa, Florida
-Co-host of the State Special Olympics Equestrian Championships
-Dressage competitor, 4th level and Prix St. George


Tracy Dopko
(Hunter Judge)
-Equestrian Canada Senior Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge
-United States Equestrian Federation R Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge



Barb Sheperd
(Gymkhana Judge)
-Horse owner
-Seasoned trail rider



When challenging a level of Horsemasters, a perfect score must be achieved in order to obtain a certificate and move onto the next level. Here are the certificate recipients for this competition:

S. Thompson

J. Bristow

E. Gordon


A. Richardson
K. Smithson


Freestyle Dressage CS

Special Olympics Division

1st     Kennedy McVey
2nd   Caitlin Cooke
3rd    Abby Zoldy

Open Division

1st     Emilia DeAngelis

Freestyle Dressage CI

Special Olympics Division

1st    Matthew Bodach

Open Division

1st    Tara MacDonald
2nd   Kenzie Cooke
3rd   Jocelyn Specht


Freestyle Dressage BI

Open Division

1st           Isaac Clark
2nd (tie) Kai Helsdon
2nd (tie) Sarah Kloet
3rd          Bryanna Boland


Freestyle Dressage A

Open Division

1st    Kelly Smithson
2nd  Brooke Mehlenbacher
3rd   Olivia Brown


Hunter CS

Special Olympics Division

1st     Mykayla Phelps
2nd   Josephine Giuga
3rd    Torben Edgington
4th    Bella White
5th    John Tatum Pietramala

Open Division

1st     Madison Rice
2nd    Leah Wood
3rd    Julia Crocker
4th    Matteo Sanchez

Hunter CI

Special Olympics Division

1st   Sadie Thompson

Open Division

1st (tie) Sidney Smith
1st (tie) Ava Meehan
1st (tie) Alexis MacDonald (Goober)
2nd       Sydney MacEwan
3rd       Jaden Bristow
4th       Suzanne Terp
5th       Alexis MacDonald (Annie)
6th       Trystan Bitten
7th       Nathan Hickey
8th       Madison Drover

Sophia Beson
Chris Chan
Amanda Watke
Makayla Irving

Hunter BI

Special Olympics Division

1st    Erin Gordon

Open Division

1st     Blakely Borris
2nd   Alexandra Richardson
3rd    Elise Gauthiere-Shaw

Gymkhana Unmounted

Open Division

1st     Ariel Gordon       - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd   Noah Botelho     - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
3rd    Chris Hawkins    - Hurry Scurry - Birangle


Gymkhana CS

Special Olympics Division

1st    Ashleigh Schagena                - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd  Jacklin Madill                          - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
3rd.  Annabelle Rogers                   - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
4th   Louella Morris                         - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
5th   Alexander Bradnam-Murray - Hurry Scurry - Birangle

Open Division

1st     Noah Botelho                - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd   Leah Wood                    - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
3rd    Kiana Abbas-Hashemi - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
4th    Matteo Sanchez            - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
5th    Abby Pineda                  - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
6th    Jordyn Pallett               - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
7th    Allison Carbo                 - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
8th    Julie Morton                  - Hurry Scurry - Birangle

Gymkhana CI

Open Division

1st      Robin Wren                                 - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd    Amanda Watke                           - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
3rd     Olivia MacDonald                       - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
4th     Makayla Irving                            - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
5th     Karson McCausland-Newman - Hurry Scurry - Birangle


Gymkhana BI

Special Olympics Division

1st     Brogan Lackey    - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd   Bentley Elliott      - Hurry Scurry - Birangle

Open Division

1st      Mike Holinaty      - Hurry Scurry - Birangle
2nd    Lilly Brennan       - Hurry Scurry - Birangle