Fall Invitational 2022 - Results

Thank you to all coaches, riders and judges for helping to make our Fall Invitational a success! We had a total of 60 entries across two divisions. Enjoy browsing the videos!

Competition Judges

A huge THANK YOU goes out to our outstanding volunteer judges who viewed a huge number of videos and were able to produce our placings. Thank you for your generous time helping to make our Fall Invitational 2022 a success!


Tracy Dopko
(Equitation Judge)
-Equestrian Canada Senior Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge
-United States Equestrian Federation R Hunter, Equitation, and Western Judge.

Aragorn 2020 5

Jennifer West
(Prix Caprilli Judge)

- USDF Bronze Medalist and Judging Program L Candidate, western dressage and dressage
-General Manager of the PATH International Premier Accredited Bakas Equestrian Center in Tampa, Florida
-Co-host of the State Special Olympics Equestrian Championships
-Dressage competitor, 4th level and Prix St. George



Emma Houser
(Gymkhana Judge)

-EC Instructor
-Equine Management Degree
-Equine Massage Therapy Certified



When challenging a level of Horsemasters, a perfect score must be achieved in order to obtain a certificate and move onto the next level. Here are the certificate recipients for this competition:

B. Elliott
J. Morley

E. Allen
E. Clark
E. Gauthier-Shaw
E. Gordon
S. Smith
K. Smithson
C. Yeats
S. Yeats

B. B.
L. Brennan
I. Clark
J. Lowe
J. Specht
R. Wren

Prix Caprilli CI

Special Olympics Division
1st -   B. Elliott
2nd - A. Harrison
3rd -  S. Thompson
4th -  C. Ward

Open Division
1st -   A. Premel
2nd - L. Conquest
3rd -  K. Lesperance

Prix Caprilli BI

Open Division
1st -   L. Brennan
2nd - A. Abell
3rd -  B. B.

Equitation CI

Special Olympics Division
1st -   A. Harrison
2nd - B. Lackey

Open Division
1st -   I. Clark
2nd - B. Wilson

Gymkhana CS

Special Olympics Division A
1st -   A. Rogers - Poles + Barrels
2nd - L. Morris - Poles + Barrels
3rd -  E. Allen - Poles + Barrels
4th -  C. Cooke - Poles + Barrels
5th -  A. Bradnam-Murray - Poles + Barrels

Special Olympics Division B
1st -   A. Savage - Poles + Barrels
2nd - J. Madill - Poles + Barrels
3rd -  J. Marshall - Poles + Barrels
4th -  JT. Pietramala - Poles + Barrels
5th -  P. Giuga - Poles + Barrels
6th -  A. Black - Poles + Barrels

Open Division
1st - S. Smith - Poles + Barrels

Gymkhana CI

Special Olympics Division
1st -   A. Zoldy - Poles + Barrels

Open Division
1st -   S. Yeats - Poles + Barrels
2nd - J. Morley - Poles + Barrels
3rd -  K. Cooke - Poles + Barrels
4th -  L. Culbertson - Poles + Barrels
5th -  C. Yeats - Poles + Barrels

Gymkhana BI

Special Olympics Division
1st -   E. Gordon - Poles + Barrels
2nd - S. Dieter - Poles + Barrels

Open Division
1st -   O. MacDonald - Poles + Barrels
2nd - E. Clark - Poles + Barrels
3rd -  K. Smithson - Poles + Barrels
4th -  R. Wren - Poles + Barrels
5th -  E. Gauthier-Shaw - Poles + Barrels
6th -  J. Bristow - Poles + Barrels
7th -  J. Specht - Poles + Barrels

Gymkhana A

Open Division
1st - J. Lowe - Poles + Barrels

Gymkhana Unmounted

1st - C. Hawkins - Poles + Barrels