Adaptive Riding


What is Adaptive Riding?

Our CanTRA, PATH Intl. and EC certified instructors use adaptive teaching techniques and or equipment to help individuals with (dis)abilities or unique needs learn the skill of riding. Skill levels as well as goals of our adaptive riders are wide spread. They may range from an individual’s first contact with a horse with a goal of becoming confident without sidewalkers, to an advanced rider aiming for a gold score in a dressage competition.

You do not need a specific diagnosis to join our adaptive riding program however some common ones would be Autism, Down Syndrome, Amputation, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Generalized Anxiety and ADHD to name a few.  All of our programs are tailored to provide a safe and positive experience for our riders based on each individual’s abilities and defined goals as established during our enrolment process. Our riders enjoy the opportunity to explore their capabilities and successfully reach their objectives in a safe and fun environment.

What is the Cost (based on session commitment)?

Private Lessons:

30 minutes mounted = $45

45 minutes mounted = $55

60 minutes mounted = $65

Semi-private Lessons:

45 minutes mounted = $45

Groups of 3 or 4:

60 minutes mounted = $45

One-off Lessons (filling regular rider absences):

30 minutes mounted = $55

45 minutes mounted = $65

60 minutes mounted = $75

(Note: The actual cost of each $45 lesson is $150 for coaching and training services. Hope Haven regularly seeks donors to offset the remaining $105).

We run on a seasonal schedule and invoices are emailed prior to the start of each session. If you have conflicts with dates, we allow up to 20% of total number of lessons in a session to be removed from an invoice only PRIOR to a session starting. Any cancellations following will be just considered a missed lesson.

If you require assistance with funding, click here to view some possible community sponsorship options on our Applications & Forms page.

How do I register for Adaptive Riding?

Please complete the following:

  1. Participant Application
  2. Professional Referral Form

Click here to bring you to the applications page.

For more information, please call 519-986-1247 and ask for Robyn, or email


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Benoit Dube - Executive Director

Barb Sheperd - Development Officer

Robyn Allen - Program Manager & Physiotherapist

Michelle Lemire - Volunteer Coordinator (Interim)

Emma Houser - Volunteer Coordinator & Instructor (PATH Int. CTRI, EC Instructor of Beginners)

Danielle Rose - Equine Manager & Instructor (PATH Int. CTRI, EC Competition Coach)

Ann-Ida Beck - Instructor (CanTRA CTRSI, PATH Int. CTRI, EC Instructor of Beginners)

Gillian MacNeill - Instructor (CanTRA CTRII, PATH Int. CTRI)

Shannon Speer - Recreation Therapist

Gretel Stanish - Property & Barn Manager