Adaptive Carriage Driving

fred carriage

What is Adaptive Carriage Driving?

This program teaches the skill of driving a horse drawn carriage. Lessons are run with an instructor on the ground as well as a driving instructor assisting in the carriage. Along with learning the unique skill of carriage driving, this sport inherently provides a unique movement experience and challenges the muscular, neurological, vestibular and sensory systems. This program may be suitable for those unable or unwilling to mount a horse for various reasons such as weight restrictions, excess adductor tone, fear of heights or may just prefer it to riding.

What is the Cost?

$45 per lesson (lessons are 30min duration). We run on a seasonal schedule therefore invoices are sent out at the beginning of each season.

If you require assistance with funding, click here to view some possible community sponsorship options on our Applications & Forms page.

How do I Register for Carriage Driving?

You will nedd to complete the following:

  1. Participant Application
  2. Professional Referral Form
  3. Atlanto-Axial X-Ray Verification (if required)

Once your application is complete we will set up an initial assessment visit to determine your program plan.

Cick here to bring you to the applications page.

For more information, please call 519-986-1247 and ask for Robyn, or email