1. Concussion prevention and management: All students are required to wear approved helmets to prevent head injury. Hope Haven follows the policy and procedures as set by the Ontario Equestrian Federation concussion prevention guidelines.

2. Volunteer & staff screening: The ED & Volunteer Manager interviews all volunteers & ED interviews new staff & conducts reference checks at all times. All must undergo a police check & sign a declaration of confidentiality. Staff must be minimum 16 years of age, and must participate in a training program twice per year. A Volunteer Training Manual is provided to each volunteer. This includes a Code of Conduct policy. All instructors must be CanTRA certified & complete a first aid & CPR course.

3. Harassment: We are committed to providing a work environment in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity.

4. Equitable Access: Hope Haven is an inclusive facility with equitable access to all. Students can be referred to our programs by health & social service professionals (physicians, social workers & psychologists) or they can self-refer. All students with appropriate cognitive & motor capabilities are accepted into the program. Those requiring financial assistance receive subsidies from donations. All parents must sign waivers before any student begins a program.

5. Conflict of Interest: The Hope Haven By-laws contain a comprehensive section on conflict of interest that ensures all Directors & their families do not benefit financially from their participation at Hope Haven.

6. Complaints: Received verbally or in writing by the ED or any Board member if preferred by the complainant. The Board reviews complaints & appropriate steps are taken to rectify the situation.

7. Health & Safety: Hope Haven has a Board approved Risk Management Plan for the prevention of abuse & injuries to clients, their families, staff & volunteers while at the Centre. It is based on the Risk Management Standards of CanTRA.